Industry Referrals

We were casting the pilot for What Would Trejo Do? and we had a big problem. We had looked at a hundred famous and not-so- famous actresses looking for someone who could  co-star opposite action star Danny Trejo.  But, the shoot was looming and no seemed right. The character had to convey sweetness, yet be tough and do drama and comedy with equal dexterity. Literally, I was ready to call the shoot off. And then, Katie Wallack walked through the door. At once she conveyed a loopy comedic vibe with great timing ala a young Goldie Hahn but at the same time she could go deep and instantly become serious in a Julianna Moore manner. She was totally facile at switching between funny, sexy, powerful and confused on a very tight schedule that allowed little rehearsal. 

                                                                                             -Kevin Donovan, Director-

My work with Katie on Restitution was inspiring, to say the least.  I have never worked with a more professional, committed, detail-oriented actress in my life.  To me, Katie's process seems to be rooted in the character's motives which, in return, leads to very strong choices.  As a director, her choices and input makes her extremely helpful to the creative process.  Add the fact that she speaks with such a succinct, clear voice and can keep up the emotion take after take makes her a dream for directors.  I look forward to working with her again!

                                                                                            -Nino Aldi, Director-

I cast Katie for lead role for my short movie The Morning After. As European, I am looking for realism and it was the best decision I made. I was impressed by her work, the personal choices she made and how dedicated she was. I think for the director it is important to get back to editing room... and it was such a pleasure to work with footage in post-production. At some point I was looking at the footage and I was thinking it looks like documentary. Her acting made me do very strong creative choices in post-production and it never happen before. Isn't a heaven for director? Her reactions are the story, which I wanted to tell to audience. She is so real.  P.S. She wasn't bothered by my Lithuanian accent on the set :)"
                                                                                             -Irma Puzauskaite, Director-