How to cast me

Drama based on true stories   |   Comedy with social commentary

  • Norma Rae from Norma Rae (Sally Field)

    An underestimated, minimum wage worker who gets involved in the labor movement at her factory after relentlessness health violations on the part of management. *Based on a true story
  • Annie Sullivan from The Miracle Worker

    A determined, stubborn woman, who mentored Helen Keller in a time when the blind and deaf were considered beyond help. *Based on a true story
  • Leslie Knope from Parks and Recreation (Amy Poehler

    Ambitious, hard-working and optimistic who is committed to the belief that government should provide a service for its people. Naive at times, she is intelligent, well-read and well intentioned, but falls short of exciting her goals successfully.
  • Rachel Goldberg from unREAL (Shiri Appleby)

    Young reality television producer compromises her integrity to drum up salacious show content after a crisis of consciousness melt down on national television.
  • Mark Baum from The Big Short (Steve Carell)

    Socially conscious hedge fund manager who discovers before 2008 that the wall street bank fraud will collapse the global economy. He decides to profit from situation at the bank's expense while simultaneously laments that the banks won't accept blame for the crisis. *Based on a true story
  • Erin Brochovich (sans sexy) from Erin Brochovich (Julia Roberts)

    Struggling mother who hustles herself into job, where she takes the opportunity to bring justice to victims of corporate fraud - and profits herself as a result. *Based on a true story